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    Suzy Johnston + Associates // Artist Representation
    Artist Representation
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    Suzy Johnston + Associates
    Celebrating 30 years of Experience
    Artists' Representatives for award-winning International Photographers / Artists.
    Industry insiders with the ability to connect clients with creative solutions.
    Professionals who deliver the job in on time and budget.


    Creative Services

    Art Buying
    Problem Solving

    Photography / Motion / Campaigns

    Concept to Full Production
    Digital Imaging / Retouching
    Image & Footage Licensing
    Behind the Scenes

    Production Services
    (Local & International)

    Negotiations & Bookings
    Talent Casting
    Location Scouting & Permits

    Specialty Services

    Brand Collaborations
    Sustainability Campaigns
    Influencer Marketing
    Social Media Consulting
    Special & Custom Events
    Speaking Engagements
    Radio, TV & Film Guest Appearances